Cozy Rosie


The Cozy Rosie
This tiny home was built to be a very simple, compact space for one person to live.

12' Long, 8.5' Wide, and 13.5' High
Approximately 6,000 Pounds


  • The home has a passive solar orientation.

  • The roof has clear, north facing skylight sheets the run the width of the home.

  • To save cost the home was build over the trailer rails and uses the space between the wheel wells for storage.

  • The kitchen counter hides a mini fridge and a 20 gallon electric hot water heater.

  • The shower was made out of galvanized steel roofing that sheds into a 32" x 32" fiberglass basin. The pipes are all soldered copper with simple valves.

  • The bed loft is big enough for a queen size mattress and has a sky light the runs its entire length.

  • The exterior is sided in Easter Cedar with Western Cedar trim.

Carpenter Owl’s work is high quality, with excellent attention to detail.  I especially appreciated his commitment to using local, reclaimed and nontoxic materials.  I was pleased overall with the customer service that I received, and any problems were resolved.
— Anonymous, Owner of the Cozy Rosie