Wooly Resistance


The Wooly Resistance
This is our most wack-a-do, wonderful little house built for a herbalist living in the mountains of North Carolina.   This whimsical, custom tiny home was built as part of Carpenter Owl's DIY program, a program where the owner assists in the build.

12' Long, 8.5' Wide, and 13.5' High
Approximately 6,000 Pounds


  • The north wall and ceiling are a randomized assortment of Indiana hardwoods.

  • The bed loft is called "the bed pod" and is made with clear polycarbonate down the sides and over the top.

  • The entry door is on the third loft to minimize the number of stairs needed inside the home to access the 4 levels.

  • There is room in the kitchen for a 4k Dwarf brand wood stove.

  • There is a secret door in the kitchen that allows one to easily load in groceries and firewood.

  • The living room has a round stained glass window made of Kokomo glass.

  • The shower was made out of galvanized steel roofing that sheds into a 32" x 32" fiberglass basin. The pipes are all soldered copper with simple valves.

  • Out client knew she would be using an outhouse and so no composting toilet was added to the structure.

  • The exterior of the structure is sided in Eastern Juniper (Eastern Cedar) and is trimmed out in Western Cedar.

I live in the tiny Woolly Resistance- a beautiful and inspired home built by the hands & feathers of the talented critters at Carpenter Owl. Danny worked closely with my dreams and aspirations from start to finish. I felt extremely supported and at ease with the countless choices made during the creative design process, building, systems placement, etc... With Carpenter Owl, I was given the space and encouragement, to not only build a home completely custom to myself & needs, but explore what it is I seek to create and manifest inspired by lived in space. So much love and gratitude.
— Tay, Owner of the Cozy Rosie