Honey on the Rock

Carpenter Owl Tiny Home - Honey On The Rock - Southern Face

Honey on the Rock
This is our most ambitious build to date and was created as a vacation home built around a family's heirloom whiskey still.

22' Long, 8.5' Wide, and 13.5' High
Approximately 11,000 Pounds


  • There is a double decker deck with a spiral staircase.

  • The table on the upper deck folds down to reveal a vintage soaker tub.

  • All of the light fixtures in the house were hand cut.

  • The whiskey still is hidden inside a copper topped table with a 4K Dwarf brand wood stove on top.

  • There is a secret door behind a drawing of the home that leads from the the bed loft to the outdoor soaker tub.

  • The bed is kingsize with his and her porthole windows flanking the sides and a 6' wide operable window at the head.

  • The roof was reclaimed from two old structures and was rolled flat using a fork truck.

  • All of the plumbing, including the faucets, were done out of soldered copper.

  • The shower is made of an elastic stucco with a slate shelf and hand laid spiral mosaic floor.

  • The exterior of the structure is all walnut with cedar trim.