Do - It - Yourself


We love this movement and helping folks to successfully build on their own.  We started out as DIYers building homes and excursion structures out of whatever we had at hand.  We learned a tremendous amount from these experiences and have had the good fortune to start making a living creating for others.   Due to our appreciation for our budding success and passion for the movement we are always looking for ways to remain connected to DIY builders. Below you will find ways we have dreamed up to connect, if you can imagine other ways please contact us.

Ask Us
If you have questions that need answering in order to continue on your path of downsizing, designing, or building, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We have learnt through trying, and certainly you needn't repeat our mistakes!  We keep a clearing house of all inquires over on our Q and A page.

Visit Us
If you live locally, are passing through, or want to make a special trip; feel free to contact us to arrange a time to discuss your project in person.  At any given time we usually have one to three tiny homes that are open for visiting and we are always glad to show folks around the shop.  

honey on the rock - new studio - s side.jpg

DIY Night
We have an evening once a month whereby interested parties can visit with us in order to plumb the depths of Carpenter Owl's collective tiny house living and building repository.  This is a new idea that we are putting together but it is our hope that we can draw a number of active DIYers together to discuss their projects.

My DIY Tiny Home
This is a tiny home building option for someone who wants to build their own tiny home, but needs guidance and access to tools. In this arrangement you hire us to build your tiny home, while you assist in the construction. We will lead the build, but you will be there to learn every step along the way. You do not need prior experience, only a passion to be intimately involved in the creation of your home.  The Wooly Resistance Tiny Home was built in this fashion.